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While competitive loan offerings can attract new members to your credit union, how do you move beyond being just another monthly payment to establishing a primary financial relationship? Conveniently accessed through a link on your credit union's website, Payigy is a dynamic digital payments platform with a biller-direct user experience that offers members an easy way to pay their loans and boost engagement with your credit union.

With biller-direct offerings currently accounting for more than 70% of bill payment activity, Payigy simplifes, streamlines, and enhances loan payments between your credit union and your loan members.

With Payigy, your credit union will:

Enable members to make loan payments in just three clicks

Equip members to make their loan payments anytime, anywhere.

Engage more personally with members using two-way messaging capabilities.

Eliminate costs associated with processing checks and payments through third-party payment providers and printing coupon booklets.

Easily manage loan accounts, communicate with borrowers, and view history and loan details via the efficient back-office administration portal.

How else can Payigy help your credit union?

An efficient back-office admin portal streamlines support so your staff can service loans through quick access to loan details and history, invite new and/or disable existing borrowers, configure the system to align with credit union branding and payment requirements, communicate directly with borrowers through direct messages, and manage targeted outreach via the marketing carousel.

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